Here's What Drake's Phone Convos With His Mom Sound Like

Drizzy sheds light on headlines with 'You & The 6.'

Drake shocked the world late Thursday (February 12) by releasing If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late and while fans were busy looking for Drizzy’s next hit, the rapper delivered a candid moment that we’ve all been looking for from the OVO MC.

I mean, does it get any more candid than listening in on a phone conversation between Drake and his mother, Sandi Graham?

On "You & The 6," Drizzy explains that his mother gets Google Alerts to her phone when he’s mentioned, so she’s aware of all the rumors that swirl around his name. And she even asks him about some of them.

“She said, ‘I hear you back with you-know-who’ / I told her, ‘Girl, you know I’m always back with you-know-who,’” Drake rhymes on the track.

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to think this could be a wink and a nod about his rumored on-again-off-again romance with Rihanna now, would it?

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But Drake doesn’t just speak to his mom about love. He also talks to her about the hate he feels he’s been catching from fellow MCs.

“They cloning me, mama,” Drake raps. "Them n——s wannabes, mama / It’s like I’m the one they wanna be, mama.”

Drake's been accused of coppying MCs. Migos didn’t get mad when Drake borrowed their “Versace” flow. However, Rappin’ 4-Tay didn’t appreciate Drizzy taking his “Playaz Club” flow. Still, even if you acknowledge that Drake's been inspired by other MCs, there are a lot of rappers who've tried to borrow his steez, too and those MCs got some shots from Drizzy here. But they weren't the only ones.

"I can’t be out here being vulnerable, mama," Drake continues. "I mean, I kill ‘em every time they on a song with me, mama.”

Okay, so this could be about a slew of MCs but there's always the Kendrick Lamar versus Drake talk that seemed to get sparked after K. Dot’s “Control” verse was unleashed. And of course, there’s Tyga saying Drizzy’s fake. This could definitely be a shot at King Gold Chains, too. Either way, it's clear that Drake's firing.



But just when you think he’s falling into a diss track, Drake falls back and returns to a discussion about his family.

“We start talking 'bout dad / You know he droppin’ a single,” Drake raps. "He sayin’ this is his window / That n—a still wearing linen / That n---a still in the club / Call him after we get off the phone and show him some love.”

Here, Drake pulls back the curtain a bit and lets us know more about his relationship with his father and what he really thinks about his dad’s entry into the music game. Plus, Drizzy sheds light on where he and his mother stand when it comes to his pops, Dennis Graham.

“Girl, he love ya to death / He made mistakes throughout his life that he still doesn’t accept,” Drake explains in the rhymes. "But he just wants our forgiveness / And f—k it, look how we’re livin’ / I’m content with this story, who are we not to forgive him?”



Then, as if talking about all of that wasn’t enough, Drizzy adds another layer to the song when he delves into race.

“I used to get teased for being black,” he raps. “And now I’m here and I’m not black enough / ‘Cause I’m not actin’ tough or making stories up about where I’m actually from.”

It’s that type of candor that brings this track to its apex. You can’t get more personal than a phone call to the woman who raised you and Drake understood that when he penned “You & The 6,” one of his latest project’s most introspective and revealing cuts.

And if Drake’s mom just got a Google Alert about this article, we can only hope she’s smiling. Drake’s done it again.

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