Teen Choice Awards 2010 Best Moment? Betty White Busting A Move With Sandra Bullock!

There was a lot to like about last night's Teen Choice Awards: host Katy Perry's multiple, themed wardrobe changes (nothing trumped that headgear-denim jumper ensemble, am I right?), sultry vampires dominating most categories (what's new?) and loads of eye candy (we're looking at you, "Glee" guys!). But, surprisingly, it wasn't a pretty young thing or sparkly undead who stole the show: It was two "old ladies."

As Sandra Bullock accepted her surfboard for choice movie actress in a drama for "The Blind Side," she also thanked the crowd for another win—choice dance alongside Betty White in "The Proposal." Not to be outdone, Ms. White herself interrupted Sandra's speech, telling her if she thought she was fitting in with the youths, well, she was sorely mistaken. The "Golden Girl" (remember she's 88!) then got up, SHIMMIED and booty-bumped with Sandra to Lil Jon's "Get Low." Is there anything this woman can't do?

Check out Sandra and Betty's awesome dance in the clip above!

What did you think of the costars' cute exchange? Do you have a different nominee for best moment from the Teen Choice Awards?

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