How 'The Hills'' Kaitlynn Told Brody That She's Pregnant

Another munchkin will be joining the 'New Beginnings' group

Kaitlynn told Caroline that she's expecting a baby during last week's New Beginnings episode; Caroline was the first non-family member to find out about the bundle of joy. Next priority: Kaitlynn wanted to figure out the "right time" to tell Brody. And during tonight's brand new Hills episode, the mama-to-be -- who has wanted to be a parent for "so long" and is now one step closer to welcoming her first child with boyfriend Kris -- divulged the life-changing news to her ex-husband at the Pratt Daddy Healing Retreat.

But before Kaitlynn could speak to Brody at the desert-based getaway, he stated, "I know that Kaitlynn's pregnant" to Audrina and Jen.

"I don't know from her," he admitted at a group dinner and drinks. Brody elaborated on his emotions in a more private setting.

"Of course it's hurtful to see all of these other people that seem to know that she's pregnant and not me," he said in the confessional. "A baby was such a big part of our relationship and talk in our relationship. I don't need to be the first one to know, but I think I should be in the top 10."

Meanwhile, Kaitlynn told Justin Bobby that "everybody saying things" felt "weird" (alluding to comments being made by the group about her changing body).

"I keep dodging it because I don't want to say anything at this point because everyone is talking about it," Kaitlynn revealed.

But speaking with Brody was a pressing matter. "It's just a big thing to share with somebody. It feels like one final nail in the coffin," she said.

Even so, Kaitlynn refrained from telling Brody right then and there because she didn't want to interrupt him "having fun." So Kaitlynn made the decision to wait until the next day to pull him aside. At first, she opened up about Kris and how most of their friends had met him already.

"I know you have so many things in common and are just both nice, normal people," Kaitlynn told a subdued, sunglasses-wearing Brody. "It's not going to be a big deal at all."


Kaitlynn continued about how they are into "a lot of the same stuff." But after a bit of back and forth about how he and Kris both have tattoos and her desire for the two men to have a "harmony," Brody wanted to cut to the chase.

"What's really going on, Kait?" he asked. "Do you have a surprise for me? Just say how it is."


With that, Kaitlyn stated: "Based on what everyone's been saying the last few days, I'm sure you've gathered that I'm pregnant."

The rest of their conversation will continue on the season finale of The Hills: New Beginnings -- tune in next Wednesday at a special time 10/9c.

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