'So Much Is Going On Right Now' At The First-Ever 'Teen Mom Family Reunion'

And it's only night 1

Three little words from Briana -- "f*ck the fakeness" -- set off some of the teen moms at the franchise's first-ever family reunion. So can the group dynamic be saved, or are more fights on the horizon?

During tonight's season premiere, Teen Mom OG's Maci, Cheyenne and Amber met up with Teen Mom 2's Leah, Briana, Jade and Ashley at a resort in San Diego (plus guests Gary, Zach, Brittany, Bar and Chau) for "a spring break they never had." Pleasantries were exchanged right out of the gate at a welcome mixer, but there was visible tension between Jade and Ashley (remember that reunion?). And then Maci and Cheyenne brought in a life coach.


"There are a lot of issues we have to work through," Cheyenne Bryant explained. "And there's a lot of stuff we gotta air out. I'm here to facilitate you in any way possible, and I want us to process what those issues are -- not just within yourself but also what your issues are with the other castmates."

After the guests were asked to depart for the evening, the underlying beef quickly bubbled to the surface when Briana made her aforementioned declaration. She was asked who the bold statement was aimed at, and the mother of two did not hesitate to say that it was directed at her fellow TM2 cohort Ashley. Ashley did not immediately respond and opted to listen as Briana explained herself.

"You said things that I just don't f*ck with," Briana told everyone, as old Instagram footage of Ashley calling Briana names (including a "punk ass bitch") was featured. "You don't really know me, and I don't know you, so for you to make such big accusations and for you to feel some type of way, I think it's sh*tty and f*cked up."


Ashley then explained her actions and how she felt: The situation was "inflated" because they're both on television and if they had the chance to actually speak, the outcome would have been "different," she said. Holly's mom promptly stated she was sorry and Briana accepted, but Jade, who has known Ashley for years (they have a rocky Young and Pregnant history), viewed Ashley as being "fake as hell."

"Who I see here talking is a different person than what I've experienced online," Kloie's mom declared. "For the last two-and-a-half years, you tried to bully me online; you tried to put me down. You tried to say really toxic things, and I've never really acknowledged it."

Jade accused Ashley of being "two different people," while Briana stressed that she did not want Ashley to return to being one way on social media and another way in person. When Jade referenced a post from only several weeks ago in which Ashley made a comment about her body, Ashley went into defense mode. Coach B intervened and stated that they might not be able to resolve this immediately; she then offered feedback to each woman.

"Briana, you totally came out and let go, so kudos. Ashley, you totally took accountability," Coach Bryant said, to which Ashley replied, "I should have reached out." But Jade was not ready to let this rest for the evening -- and when Ashley began to speak about being "a little girl who didn't have her father," Jade unleashed on her.

"Okay, we all have our own f*cking problems!" Jade screamed. "Don't f*cking attack me online."

Security quickly reacted and separated the ladies, with Chey approaching Ashley and Coach B pulling Jade aside. Jade calmly and tearfully reflected on her lengthy struggle with Ashley, while Ashley stated she wanted to "move forward."


But when Chey said that "Jade can she feel how she feels; Bri can feel how she feels," Ashley quickly changed her tune, interjecting with, "Absolutely -- from a distance before I f*ck you the f*ck up."

Coach B brought the women back together, but the effort was futile as soon as Ashley opened her mouth. Or as Leah put it, "so much is going on right now." And sage is the solution!


"You bitches fake as f*ck," Ashley began, prompting Jade to immediately yell, "Bitch, you've been fake to me." Once again, security had to step in, and the women kept hurling insults at each other. Ashley's reaction: twerking.


Dancing aside, it's only night one, and peace between all of the women seems doubtful. But can Coach B help Ashley, Briana and Jade the women get over the drama and start fresh? Or will friction remain? Give your thoughts, then keep watching Teen Mom: Family Reunion every Tuesday at 8/7c.