Hailee Steinfeld Will Leave You Dancing, Crying And Feeling Empowered On New EP

Here's a complete breakdown of 'Haiz.'

Over the summer, Hailee Steinfeld pretty much came out of nowhere and instantly made her mark on pop music with her single, "Love Myself."

The actress turned singer quickly had our attention as she delivered a powerful debut single that was not only catchy, but delivered a strong message. Since then we've been wondering what the rest of her material would sound like, and now, we finally know.

The "Pitch Perfect 3" star just released her very first EP, Haiz, a name that was given to her by her fans. The EP features four songs, co-written by "Sorry" writer Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels, and it's fun, flirty, empowering and proves that she is an artist that is here to stay.

Here's a breakdown of each track.

Love Myself

Stand-out lyric: "I'm gonna put my body first/ And love me so hard 'til it hurts/ I know how to scream out the words/ Scream the words/ I love me."

Thoughts: I've loved this song since the first time I heard it back in August. With a beat you can dance to, it delivers strong, powerful message that's all about providing for yourself, which Hailee said can be both "emotionally, or physically."

Your Such A

Stand-out lyric: "Did you think that I would let you/ Crawled right back into my bedroom/ After all we've been through/ I know the truth/ That, damn, you're such a."

Thoughts: I love this foot-stomping mid-tempo track that is all about a girl standing her ground and not letting a guy that she knows is bad for her back into her life. The simple production of the song gives Hailee a chance to really show off her vocals, and with the sing-along "nah nah nah's" and a bridge that makes you feel like your listening to a different song, you will have this on repeat for weeks.

Rock Bottom

Thoughts: The only ballad on the EP, Hailee pulls on your heartstrings as she sings about two people that shouldn't be in a relationship, but just can't seem to quit each other. It's a song that's super relatable and it's giving me some major Taylor Swift vibes, which isn't too surprising since Hailee is part of the TS squad.

Hell Nos and Headphones

Stand-out lyric: "And they're all skiing in the powder room/ Making love to Jack and Jameson/ But I'll stick with hell no's and headphones."

Thoughts: Hailee is dropping f-bombs, singing about "skiing in the powder" and "making love to Jack and Jameson," but she wants none of that. Hailee isn't into the party life, she'd rather say "hell nos and headphones." It's a sweet smooth melodic song, so you probably wouldn't expect the dark undertones, but it definitely works and caps off a very solid first effort by this up-and-coming pop star.