Find Out Which British Heartthrob Is Playing The ‘Beast’ To Emma Watson’s ‘Beauty’

This "Downton Abbey" alum will star as the cursed prince opposite Emma Watson and Luke Evans.

SOS, this is not a drill — Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” has finally cast its titular Beast and it’s…drumroll please…

Dan Stevens! The 32-year-old British actor has been tapped to play the enchanted prince opposite Emma Watson’s Beauty in the live-action reboot, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

The news comes just hours after it was announced that Luke Evans had signed on to play the menacing Gaston.

Stevens took to Twitter to (sort of) announce his big news, cryptically tweeting a graphic with the words “BEAST MODE.”

Stevens is best-known for playing the beloved (and — spoiler alert — dearly departed) Matthew Crawley on the PBS drama “Downton Abbey.” He left the show in 2012 and has since starred in “The Fifth Estate,” “A Walk Among the Tombstones,” and “The Guest.”

Like the 1991 animated classic, the Bill Condon-directed remake of “Beauty and the Beast” will tell a tale as old as time: Belle becomes the Beast’s prisoner, unaware that he’s actually a cursed prince. The two fall in love as Belle proves to him that true beauty lies on the inside.

And in case you’re not yet convinced that Stevens is THE perfect choice for Beast, let us just assure you by proving it once and for all.

He has a grin that will make your heart melt…

…but he also has that whole ~dangerous~ and brooding vibe down.

Seriously, don’t let his “Downton Abbey” past fool you; he’s kind of a badass.

He looks enchantingly dapper all dressed up.

He’s definitely not hard on the eyes. BEAST MODE ACTIVATED.

As Sir Lancelot in “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb,” he proved that he can rock a scruff, hairy look.

Bottom line: he’ll have no problem charming you as the next Disney prince to swoon over.

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