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Victoria Monét Shows You What It Takes To Have Glorious Glutes In 'Ass Like That'

This is definitely the gym motivation that you've been looking for!

It's almost winter now, but summer is always around the corner because of global warming. It's 45 degrees and rainy today; tomorrow could be 97 and scorching. To be ready for what the weather brings, it's always best to have one foot in the gym so that your confidence is maxed out. Just ask Victoria Monét.

As she reveals on her new single, the frequent Ariana Grande collaborator has been in a relationship with aerobics for some time and has the body to prove it, too. "Ass Like That" is about this fascination with aerobics and the benefits that they bring to the body — mainly, having an awesome ass. But that's not all. There's also confidence, strength, and perseverance. But those come second to having a nice ass.

Monét met the gym two months ago. It's the first line of the dulcet tune that's really "an empowering song," as she writes in the video description. Monét's been making heads turn with her thighs, burning calories like medical marijuana, and not editing pictures. With her soft voice, she boasts about her body with a warm grin that makes you want to put down the deep-fried macaroni and cheese bites and pick up a medicine ball. No matter who you are, having a nice ass is always worth the work.

In the accompanying lyric video, Monét gives a preview of the routine it takes to have nice thighs. She's on the exercise bike, drinking a ton of water, and making sure to stretch whenever she can. If this is the bar she sets to reveal her lyrics, we can imagine what's going to happen in the actual music video.

Watch Monét's "Ass Like That" lyric video and get inspired up above.