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'Pitch Perfect'’s Bellas Threw A Hilariously Awkward Family Reunion Party

Complete with a crazy cat lady and someone who was recently in a car accident

Filming for Pitch Perfect 3 is well underway, and the Bellas are still adorkable as ever. Over the weekend, several of the a cappella gals threw an "Awkward Family Reunion" party, which is apparently a thing that exists, featuring Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Chrissie Fit, Kelley Jakle, Hana Mae Lee, and Shelley Regner.

"We don't half-ass a theme party," the party's host, Snow, wrote on Instagram. Based on these costumes, I'd say that's aca-xactly right.

Among the squad, there was a "cat/crafty cousin" (Kendrick), a "drunk cougar" (Snow), a "cultured cousin" (Jackle), a "car accident cousin" (Lee), a chick named Cindy who changed her name to Water (Fit), and a grandmother (Camp). And Regner, included in the group pic below, went as "Ugly Duckling Debbie." That honestly sounds like the best family ever.

Lee also shared solo pics of her car-accident cousin character that belong in a museum. "Got in a car accident but didn't want to miss the family reunion party. 😜," she captioned on a squad pic.

It figures the arguably weirdest character in the franchise would go as someone "recuperating" from a serious wreck. Knowing Lilly, she probably started the accident in the first place. I mean, she did ask the Bellas if they wanted to see a dead body in Pitch Perfect.