Dinah Jane Unlocks Her Fantasies On New Song '1501'

Another 'baby makin record' from the Fifth Harmony alum

Dinah Jane has definitely been putting in some work (from home). On Friday (March 20), she dropped the tantalizing new single "1501," her second song in as many weeks. Like last Friday's "Lottery," it's another "baby-makin' record" — her words, not ours — about calling the shots in the bedroom.

"Ring me when you come through," she sings on the R&B slow jam's opening verse. "No need for no suit, no tie / Boy, come show me what you talk 'bout in them texts you send me, baby." Dinah continues taking control of the moment as she leads us into the hook: "I can't wait to get you in this room / You ain't ever wanna leave my room." The single comes along with an animated lyric video that takes us on a tour of a hotel room where the only clothes we see are the ones haphazardly discarded on the floor. Oh yeah, it definitely went down.

Following her new song's release, Dinah told fans on Twitter that "1501" was written two years ago in Bali during one of her first writing camps as a solo artist. She also explained that the song's title comes from her vision of a hotel room, and that it's a key number from her childhood.

She further added in an Instagram post, "'1501' is finally unlocked for you. Thank you guys for being so patient [with] me dropping new music. This is just a token of thanks to my listeners hehe two baby makin' records back to back hmm .. you're welcome."

Though Dinah has unfortunately had to cancel her upcoming tour dates, she's hinted at more new music to come in the upcoming weeks — which hopefully means we'll get to hear the oft-teased single "Missed a Spot." If "1501" and "Lottery" are any indication, expect more sultry bops ahead!