Josh Peck Ate Crazy Steve’s Enchilada (Again) During Their 'Drake & Josh' Reunion

The duo bumped into each other on Valentine’s Day

Drake & Josh mania is in full swing this year, thanks to Drake Bell's "Where's Walter?" video series reuniting our Nickelodeon faves. Two weeks after Josh Peck hung out with his TV dad, Jonathan Goldstein — but apparently didn't actually "find Walter" — he bumped into another D&J icon on Valentine's Day: Crazy Steve.

Actor Jerry Trainor captured the impromptu reunion with a long-overdue selfie, captioning the Insta, "Just ran into this fantastic human being! He ate my enchilada! Josh Peck is the man." Yep, he totally went there with the classic enchilada line. Bless you, Jerry.

Though neither Trainor nor Peck have been in any "Where's Walter?" videos (yet), Trainor did film a movie with Bell last year called Cover Versions and currently plays in the band Nice Enough People with Allison Scagliotti, a.k.a. Peck's TV girlfriend, Mindy Crenshaw. So the D&J squad still sticks together, nearly a decade after the series finale aired.

Since the duo did reunite on February 14, it seems only appropriate they exchanged these valentines while shouting, "Pip pip da doodly doo!"