R.L. Stine’s 'The Nightmare Room' Featured All Your Favorite Early ’00s Stars

Happy 15th Anniversary to one of the creepiest kids shows ever

While R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series ruled the ’90s, his lesser-known series, The Nightmare Room, kicked off the new millennium. Based on his book series of the same name, 13 episodes aired on Kids’ WB, and terrified us children who had finally stopped having nightmares from Goosebumps.

Dolls that come to life, glasses that make the wearer see aliens, and a gaggle of ghosts that just want to be friends forever set the tone for this spooky series. Though the show was short-lived, it hosted plenty of famous guest stars, many from Disney and Nickelodeon shows. To celebrate its 15th anniversary today (August 31), check out which of your faves helped scare the bejesus out of you back in the day.

Amanda Bynes

Kids' WB

Amanda Bynes - The Nightmare Room

The Nickelodeon star appeared on the pilot episode, playing a girl trying to save her younger brother from being taken by ghosts.

Drake Bell

Kids' WB

Drake Bell - The Nightmare Room

The Drake & Josh actor discovered a diary that predicted the future, including people’s deaths.

Brenda Song

Kids' WB

Brenda Song - The Nightmare Room

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’s London Tipton played Drake Bell’s friend and classmate who was almost killed by the evil diary.

A.J. Trauth

Kids' WB

A.J. Trauth - The Nightmare Room

Twitty from Even Stevens costarred with Drake Bell and Brenda Song, falling off bleachers and breaking his ankle thanks to that cursed diary.

Shia LaBeouf

Kids' WB

Shia LaBeouf - The Nightmare Room

Even Stevens’s Louis Stevens cleaned out his toys and wanted to give away his childhood doll, Buddy. Except Buddy came to life and started harming his friends so he’d have LaBeouf all to himself.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse

Kids' WB

Cole and Dylan Sprouse - The Nightmare Room

Sharing a dual role as Buddy the doll, the Sprouse twins eventually turned LaBeouf into a doll in one seriously twisted episode.

Tania Raymonde

Kids' WB

Tania Raymonde - The Nightmare Room

Cynthia Sanders from Malcolm in the Middle played LaBeouf’s pal, Beth, who was injured by Buddy for getting between him and his “best friend.”

Betsy Randle

Kids' WB

Betsy Randle - The Nightmare Room

Cory and Eric Matthews’s mom on Boy Meets World played LaBeouf’s mom, and she didn’t believe him when she said his doll was coming to life. (Can you really blame her, though?)

Allison Mack

Kids' WB

Allison Mack - The Nightmare Room

Smallville’s Chloe Sullivan was on both the penultimate and series finale episodes, playing a camper who discovered a ghost camp.

Frankie Muniz

Kids' WB

Frankie Muniz - The Nightmare Room

The Miracle in Lane 2 and Malcolm in the Middle actor starred in the series finale as a basketball fan who didn’t know who Michael Jordan was. Of course, he was from a different time period, so we’ll cut him some slack.

Kaley Cuoco

Kids' WB

Kaley Cuoco - The Nightmare Room

Before she was Penny on The Big Bang Theory, the Alley Cats Strike star played a mean girl who tried to turn the school against her good-natured classmate.

Michael Galeota

Kids' WB

Michael Galeota - The Nightmare Room

The Jersey lead guest starred on two episodes as the same character, dealing with a ghost teacher and a werewolf.

Jeffrey Licon

Kids' WB

Jeffrey Licon - The Nightmare Room

The eldest sibling on The Brothers Garcia also guest starred on the same episodes as Michael Galeota, getting attacked by one seriously pissed off ghost teacher.

Keiko Agena

Kids' WB

Keiko Agena - The Nightmare Room

Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls was terrorized by the same evil creatures as Michael Galeota and Jeffrey Licon.

Lindsay Felton

Kids' WB

Lindsay Felton - The Nightmare Room

The Caitlin’s Way star was part of Life Games, a Survivor-like game show, and had to battle an evil witch.

Ty Hodges

Kids' WB

Ty Hodges - The Nightmare Room

The Don’t Look Under the Bed and Even Stevens actor played a fellow Life Games contestant who helped Lindsay Felton stop the witch.

Tippi Hedren

Kids' WB

Tippi Hedren - The Nightmare Room

Melanie Daniels from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds was the evil witch who kidnapped Lindsay Felton, Ty Hodges, and other kids, demanding they release her from her curse.

Justin Berfield

Kids' WB

Justin Berfield - The Nightmare Room

After telling one too many tall tales, Reese from Malcolm in the Middle discovered his crazy fibs were starting to come true. Whoops.

Josh Zuckerman

Kids' WB

Joshua Zuckerman - The Nightmare Room

Shortly before starring in the DCOM ’Twas the Night, Zuckerman played a kid whose new glasses let him see who’s an alien and who’s human. The episode was a riff on the ’80s cult film They Live.

Brandon Gilberstadt

Kids' WB

Brandon Gilberstadt - The Nightmare Room

The 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd actor started suffering bad luck after being assigned locker #13 and came face to face with The Fatemaster. Dun, dun, dun.

Ken Foree

Kids' WB

Ken Foree - The Nightmare Room

Kenan and Kyra Rockmore’s dad on Kenan & Kel was Gilberstadt’s wrestling coach on the episode “Locker #13.”

Cara DeLizia

Kids' WB

Cara DeLizia - The Nightmare Room

Fiona from Disney’s eerie show So Weird found a device that communicated with ghosts — except the ghosts didn’t really want to talk, but rather wanted to possess her and her friends’ bodies.

Jermaine Williams

Kids' WB

Jermaine Williams - The Nightmare Room

The Jersey actor helped Cara DeLizia wrangle some ghosts, though he definitely wasn’t too keen on the whole idea.

Robert Englund

Kids' WB

Robert Englund - The Nightmare Room

Yup, Freddy Krueger himself stopped by The Nightmare Room as Cara DeLizia and Jermaine Williams’s science teacher, Mr. Bell.