How 'MTV Floribama Shore''s Candace Is Giving Back This Holiday Season

The Memphis native is surprising kids in a special way

When Candace Rice isn't vacationing with her MTV Floribama Shore family, the proud Memphis native is giving back to her local community. This holiday season, the founder of the nonprofit Rice Foundation is partnering with The CB Seed Foundation and founder/actress Carrie Bernans to surprise kids from low-income zip codes with shopping sprees (with help from Target) and financial literacy boot camp. The goal of the 4th Annual Operation Christmas Giveback: helping 150 children, which may be the biggest shopping spree giveaway the city has ever seen.

"Reaching our goal means seeing the hope in the eyes of children who may not have had the opportunity to believe in a man bringing them presents or to associate the holidays with big meals," Candace told MTV News. "Most of the recipients are in tears when they get the news of the spree -- so overjoyed, they can’t fathom the thought of having the opportunity to select whatever they want."

She continued: "Last year, so many of the kids used their shopping spree funds to get food for their household and little presents for mothers. The selflessness in these children is the hope this world needs."

To learn more about Operation Christmas Giveback, please visit the GoFundMe page. And stay with MTV News for more MTV Floribama Shore updates.