Tiffany Young Is 'Born Again' On Intimate New Pop Single

With her new single, the K-pop star celebrates her rebirth: mind, body, and soul

Tiffany Young has been a polished pop star since she made her debut with K-pop supergroup Girls' Generation at the age of 17. Now, more than a decade later, 29-year-old Young is shedding the facade and coming clean with "Born Again," her self-reflective new single.

"I used to feel so hollow, shallow, vacant," Young croons intimately on the track, which she co-wrote. "When you're around you closin' all these spaces."

"Born Again" doesn't just mark a departure from her bubbly K-pop persona; the song is a sweeping confessional — from Young, to her fans — but more importantly, it's a chance for Young to be honest to herself. "There has always been a darkness and struggle," she said in a statement, "and it's only now that I get to talk about it openly."

Late last year, Young's personal heartache and estranged relationship with her father was made public. But this time, Young didn't try and hide from her insecurities — she faced them head-on in the studio.

Teaming up with prolific pop producer Fernando Garibay (Lady Gaga's Born This Way), she found strength in her deepest vulnerabilities. The end result was her most candid song to date.

"This song and music video was a very emotional and personal journey inspired by all the tragedy and pain I've had to mask with a smile throughout my career," she said. But it also represents her growth as an artist: "'Born Again' is symbolic of my passion to always fight to grow from these experiences."

The dreamy music video finds the newly blond pop star absolving herself of her past in the ocean, as she writhes in "passion, pleasure, pain" in delicate tulle and satin on the beach. It's a striking visual of an artist embracing herself fully, completely unafraid to show her true self — tears and all — to the camera.

"Born Again" is the lead single off her forthcoming five-song EP, Lips On Lips, out February 22.

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