Kellan Lutz Has Lotz Of Requirements For His Future ‘Wifey’

Lutz is looking for love — are you the type of girl for him?

Do you like intimidatingly handsome, über talented men with mega-watt smiles and a solid set of values? Then Kellan Lutz may just be the dude for you.

But before you go picking out your wedding invites as the future Mrs. Lutz, you should know the 30-year-old has his own very specific set of requirements for his soulmate — and wild party girls need not apply.

The former “Twilight” actor called into “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Friday (June 5) to talk up his new show “Bullseye” and give us a status update about his love life. After expertly dodging questions about his short, kinda-sorta fling with Miley Cyrus last year, he revealed he’s looking to settle down with someone he can share a future with.

“[I’m] looking for that wifey, Ryan,” he told Seacrest. “Man, I want to find my potential wife that I can make those memories with and be engaged with for a couple of years and start that life.”



Why the sudden need to get serious? Well, it turns out he’s been getting some pressure to procreate from his mom. But before he gets down to business (literally), he wants to find a normal girl who isn’t into the wild Hollywood social scene.

“I’m 30! I know it’s young in Hollywood standard, but my mom was like, ‘I need some grandkids!’” he continued. “I’m in no rush, Ry, but I want to meet that non-crazy girl that are kind of plentiful here in L.A.”

Thankfully, he says he’s been avoiding those kind of crowds and is focused on meeting people who share his beliefs.

“I’m running in some very good circles actually. I’m a man of faith so I’ve been trying to put a lot of my time in those circles versus the Hollywood crowd,” he spilled. “My values are at the top of my life so might as well find someone who shares in those. I’ve been really searching. It’s so hard to find a woman who is career driven with an ambitious attitude, someone who is proactive.”

So to recap, if you want to be Lutz’s future “wifey,” you must:

- Make memories with him

- Give his mom grandkids

- Be “non-crazy”

- Not be part of the wild Hollywood crowd

- Share his values

- Be hard-working and ambitious

- Probably not be Miley Cyrus

- Not immediately faint upon seeing this:



Interested applicants, please form an orderly queue.