Watch Iggy Azalea And Jimmy Kimmel Translate Her Lyrics For Old People

Because even your grandparents have the right to be fancy.

Before Iggy Azalea got all fancy on the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" stage last night, the late-night host thought it might be useful to break down the Aussie rapper's lyrics for the older graciously wizened viewers at home. "If you're an older person," Jimmy explained, "it might be harder to follow the lyrics." See? He's doing a public service!

While most of the "New Lyrics for Old People" translations are pretty #duh, I did have a good laugh when Iggy explained that "giving lessons in physics" is all about how she dreams of one day becoming a teacher. Oh, and Jimmy's interpretation of "Champagne spilling, you should taste that" as "I'm clumsy, clean up after me" is pretty good, too. Definitely a contender for the title of my memoir.

Once you're done hyperventilating over the fact that Iggy Azalea was not even alive in 1988 (LITERALLY, HOW OLD AM I), check out her performances of "Fancy" with featured alt-pop vocalist Charli XCX, "Work," plus a NSFW snippet of "F--k Love" that an audience member uploaded to Instagram.

Any old people need me to translate that New Classic track? OK, when Iggy says "F--k love, gimme diamonds," what she means to say is, "F--K LOVE, GIMME DIAMONDS." Any questions?

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