Iggy Azalea's The New Classic: 4 Songs You Have To Hear

The New Classic spawned the singles 'Work' and 'Fancy,' but what about the rest of the LP?

It's been a long time coming, but Iggy Azalea has finally dropped her debut album The New Classic. The LP was led by the catchy singles "Work" and "Fancy," but there are still a few additional gems to be found throughout the course of 15 tracks.

"Change Your Life" feat. T.I.

Iggy gets some assistance from her Grand Hustle CEO, T.I., on this one, and who better for this feature than the man who also taught you how important it is to "Live Your Life." On the upbeat track, Iggy urges a guy to really upgrade his life, more specifically telling him to, "Hop out your past life/ And I'll renovate your future." Cause honestly, there's really no reason to even bother "dealing with basic bitches."

"F--k Love"

Ever have one of those days when you're really feeling yourself? So much so, that somebody should probably put a couple more mirrors in the room so you can stare at yourself? Iggy Azalea definitely has those days. That's apparent from the lyrics on "F--k Love," an ass-shaking number that's all but oozing with confidence. Sick of your boyfriend right now? Just send him this quick memo, "f--k love, give me diamonds."

"Black Widow" feat. Rita Ora

Iggy landed a feature from Roc Nation singer, Rita Ora, on "Black Widow" — but Katy Perry also worked her magic on the track, which captures the fallout when love turns sour. Perry was responsible for penning part of the hook (which is slightly reminiscent of her hit "Dark Horse), making it clear to a recent flame that, "I'm gonna love ya until you hate me/ And now I'm gonna show ya what's really crazy."


On one of the album's bonus cuts, "Rolex," the Australia native gets brutally honest about the time that was wasted on a failed relationship. Although she's referring to men in general throughout the album, one line seems pointedly directed at her ex-boyfriend A$AP Rocky. "I got you tatted, you took off before the ink dried on my hands/ I was down to give you the world, instead you gave me hell," she spits. Azalea once had the words "Live Love A$VP" tattooed on her fingers.

The New Classic full track list:

»"Walk The Line"

»"Don't Need Y'all"

»"100" feat. Watch The Duck

»"Change Your Life" feat. T.I.

»"Fancy" feat. Charli XCX

»"New Bitch"


»"Impossible Is Nothing"


»"Black Widow" feat. Rita Ora

»"Lady Patra" feat. Mavado

»"F--k Love"



»"Just Askin"