Felicity Jones Went On A Date With Daisy Ridley To Discuss Galaxies Far, Far Away

Jyn Erso and Rey had tea, and we have the scoop

Seeing Star Wars heroines Rey and Jyn Erso together on a poster for the first time was enough to make us go all teary-eyed. Knowing that Daisy Ridley and Felicity Jones recently got together in London over tea to discuss galaxies far, far away? Well, that's the stuff dreams are made of. We're just a little upset we weren't invited.

“We talked for hours, and we just talked really quickly and really intensely to each other,” Jones told Josh Horowitz during MTV News' Facebook Live with Jones and her Rogue One co-star Diego Luna. “Obviously, it's difficult because you can't really talk to your friends or family about it because we're keeping the story mysterious, so it was really nice to actually sit down with someone and be able to share the entire experience.”

So this definitely means that Ridley knows how Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ends, right? Ridley previously told MTV News that she spent a day on the Rogue One set, where she met Jones briefly, but it wasn't until Jones was preparing for the Rogue One press tour that they actually made plans for a cuppa outside of Pinewood Studios. That's when the fangirling really started. “I thought she did such a superb job,” Jones said. “She was excellent.”

As for that popular, albeit completely groundless, theory that Jyn is Rey's mom, Jones took it in stride — well, kinda. “It's kind of the worst thing,” she said. “An actress over 30 never wants to think of herself as a mother.”

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