Kim Kardashian Turned Her House Into A Cherry Blossom Forest For Her Baby Shower

Hope Kanye likes pink because his home is now covered in ALL OF IT

When planning a baby shower, most people call up a florist, say, "Hey! I'm throwing a baby shower!" and wind up arranging a stork-themed bouquet or some other splash of color to serve as a dinner table centerpiece.

Kim Kardashian is not most people, and went ahead and somehow managed to fit what appears to be every single cherry blossom tree available in southern California into the home she shares with Kanye West for a shower celebrating the January arrival of their third child.

Kim and Kanye's family and friends flocked to their Bel Air home to celebrate Baby #3, where they were treated to Tea for 3 (and KKW Beauty, too, as the party favors were samples of Kim's new fragrance line). North even wore a dress that matched the surroundings, which she gleefully showed off for her mom.

The place looked stunning and completely, totally pink, from the lights to the vibrant florals. (Sources confirmed to People that Baby West is a girl, so the color scheme makes total sense.)

Leave it to KKW to set new expectations for even the most predictable of celebratory shindigs.

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