'Let's Be Cops' Redband Trailer: Now With Even More Tomfoolery

You'll feel like you've been slapped with a Lil Wayne stick.

Today in "Good Life Decisions Funny People Are Making," Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. are casually committing a major felony, for funsies! Not in real life — it's a movie called "Let's Be Cops" of course, jeez.

In the real world there'd be less Andy Garcia, Nina Dobrev and Rob Riggle mistaking them for real cops, chalking up their deeds to shenanigans, hijinks, and tomfoolery, and more actual cops arresting the crap out of them for committing several major crimes. (This is the ultimate "don't try this at home," kids.)

Thankfully, seeing the movie when it's released on August 13th tends to fall under the "Good Life Decisions Real People are Making" umbrella. So watch the redband trailer — we promise it's totally legal (if you're over 17).