Let's Look At The Poster For 'Let's Be Cops'

Jake Johnson and Marlon Wayans Jr. are freaking out.

You know what's cool? Jake Johnson's face, that's what. You know what could make Jake Johnson's face look even cooler? Aviator sunglasses. Same goes for the visage of Damon Wayans Jr. Cool guys, even cooler with sunglasses on.

By this logic, the just-released poster for "Let's Be Cops," which co-stars Johnson and Wayans, must be the coolest movie poster ever. Check it out below, via JoBlo, which debuted the poster.

The movie follows two buddies, played by Johnson and Wayans, who decide to, well, be cops after an ill-thought-out Halloween costume backfires on them. Shenanigans ensue.

"Let's Be Cops" hits theaters August 13.