'The Hills: New Beginnings' Premiere: Should Audrina 'Fight' Her Chemistry With Justin Bobby?

Old habits really 'do' die hard

Audrina openly admitted she's in a "different place" than she was 10 years ago after a baby, marriage and divorce. But one thing has undeniably remained the same: her tough-to-define bond with Justin Bobby. So should the two give in to their mutual attraction -- and go for more motorcycle rides? Or is this book ("Unwritten" reference) not beginning but closed for good?

During tonight's series premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings, Audrina admitted to fellow OG's Heidi and Whitney that Justin had reached out after her divorce was made public. Yep, she "just can't shake him."

"He wants to hang out," she told the girls, before asking them how she should proceed.

Heidi encouraged her to "do it," while Whit emphasized she had "nothing to lose." And there is history, after all.

Audrina obviously met up with him -- and when Justin finally made his debut on the reboot at the site of their first date Cobras & Matadors Fig & Olive, it was a bit of French that got things going between the unique, enticing pair.

"Comment t'allez vous?" he offered (translation: "How are you"). Everything sounds better in français.

However, Audrina didn't even know "where to start." The conversation eventually picked up: She rehashed her journey of the past few years, while he admitted that he was single (coincidence?!) and still rides Harleys. Eventually, they arrived at the fact that her ex was not the "love of her life" -- and then this little smile exchange ensued:

"Well, cheers to that," JB perfectly stated, to which she responded, "Yeah, friend."

Such a loaded clinking of two glasses and "just getting started" -- but not much really being said? Old habits DO die hard.

However, Audrina had more to spill about the encounter the next day to Brody's wife Kaitlynn when the ladies met up for a pool day.

"We had a good night," she revealed with a big grin. "Justin and I have a long history. We just had this relationship where we could see each other and not talk for months and months, but when we're together, no time has passed. So whenever we do see each other, there's obviously this chemistry, but I'm fighting it, and I know he's fighting it."

Kaitlynn's take? Go for it.

"I feel like the best rebounds are exes," she said.

So should Audrina succumb to her emotions and explore what could possibly be there? Or will she and Justin Bobby revert back to their old (and sometimes confusing) ways? Offer your predictions, then do not miss them -- and the entire Hills posse -- every Monday at 10/9c.

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