11 Things You Need To Know About Vocal Slay Machine Jacquie Lee

And it's all in GIFs!

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You may know her best as a former contestant on "The Voice," but there's so much more to Jacquie Lee than what you saw on television. Like the fact that she runs on coffee and is obsessed with young Leonardo DiCaprio. (And the fact that her vocal game is beyond.)

When she stopped by MTV News Tuesday (October 21) to celebrate the release of her debut EP Broken Ones -- "I put my heart and my soul into it," she told us -- and her very first music video of the same name -- "I like to say it's powerful" -- the 17-year-old proved she's not just a runner-up on a reality show. And made some super cute GIFs in the process.

Here's what we learned:

Selena Gomez Is Her Doppelganger

"People always say I look like Selena Gomez, which I'm totally fine with. Why wouldn't I want to look like Selena Gomez? I'm a fan of what she's about. She puts out a good message."

Jacquie Is Tough

"I do play flag football a lot on weekends. I'm actually pretty good. My dad is a big sports guy, so he always gets me involved in sports."

Music Is Her #1 Priority

"As a toddler, I really loved playing sports, and you know, hanging out with my friends, and I still love doing those things, but my passion is music."

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She's A Gaming Nerd

"I love video games, too. Me and my little brother -- he's who really gets me into those -- we love playing 'Nazi Zombies' together. The old one, not the new one though, the one where the magic box is still in the same place."

Even Though She's Embarassed To Admit It, Jacquie Loves 'Gilmore Girls'

"After watching all seasons of 'Gilmore Girls' on Netflix, I decided to do a Rory Gilmore Book Challenge," she said about her plan to get through all 339 novels the main character read during the series.

She's A Coffee Addict

"I don't sleep, I just keep drinking coffee. It's probably not the healthiest."

Mr. DiCaprio Is Her Celeb Crush

"Young Leo!!"

She Doesn't Get Stage Fright

"I usually don't get nervous before I sing, but when it's something that's completely new, like a music video, I have to keep telling myself I can do it, that I have the confidence to do it."

Ed Sheeran Is Her Fave

"We met three times, and I don't get starstruck anymore but I got so starstruck. His lyrics! I'm a big listener when it comes to the lyrics in a song, and I always go to his lyrics before I play his music. I just Google them, and then I pick out a couple of lines where I'm like, 'wow, that got me.'"

She's A Selfie Pro

"Not too much duck face, because then you don't look cute."

Jacquie Is Just Like You

"Sometimes people forget that I'm just a normal teenager and I like normal teenage things."

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