Jacquie Lee Sends Inspo Your Way With 'Broken Ones' Video

It's time to get creative.

Jacquie Lee knows a thing or two about baring down until reaching greatness. The 17-year-old started off as a normal girl but slowly made her way through TV singing competition "The Voice." And although she finished as runner-up, she now has a record deal with Atlantic -- and an inspirational video for "Broken Ones" to help others realize their talents.

"We all've been broken once/ so let's love the broken ones," the singer belts on the chorus of "Broken Ones," a track off her EP of the same name, out today on Atlantic.

“I would describe it as real, raw music,” Jacquie told MTV News when we asked her about her EP last week. “It’s very honest, in my opinion. It’s totally real ‘cause that’s my biggest concern. I wanted people to listen to real music and real lyrics so that they could relate to it. Everything came from the heart.”

The video follows various down-on-their-luck teenage girls as they struggle to find their creative identity in an abandoned building. But out of the depression, a ballerina sprouts up, a painter transforms old walls, a writer finds her words and a pianist gets the courage to play. If you're looking for motivation, this is it.