Meet The Father Of Raven Baxter’s Kids On 'Raven’s Home'

Oh, snap! This is big.

Get ready for the most Devonderful news, home skillet biscuits. Over the weekend, news dropped that Jonathan McDaniel, who played Raven-Symoné's boyfriend Devon Carter on That's So Raven, will be reprising his role for the upcoming sequel series Raven's Home.

But unlike Steve Hale's relationship with D.J. Tanner on Fuller House, Devon's is much more official: He's actually the father of Raven Baxter's two kids — but they're now divorced. What went wrong with this Disney Channel couple? Unless you can see into the future like Raven can, we'll just have to tune in to the show on July 21.

Anneliese van der Pol (Chelsea Daniels) teased fans with a cute pic of her and McDaniel on Twitter. Seriously, this cast ages like fine wine. On Sunday (May 21), McDaniel shouted out his Disney Channel return on Instagram, thanking fans for their continued support.

Devon and Raven, though a cute, loving couple, weren't without their setbacks. After Devon's family moved from San Francisco to Seattle, he and Raven played the long-distance game, which proved far more difficult than either anticipated. Of course, they clearly found a way to make it work — at least for a while — since they apparently married and had two kids after the show ended.

With McDaniel returning, fans are wondering who else from the OG cast will reprise their role on the new show. Personally, I'm hoping for Cory and the Boys to make an appearance, or even Boyz N Motion. Their songs are still stuck in my head a decade later.