7 Reasons Why You'll Love To Hate Idris Elba In 'Star Trek 3'

The 'Luther' actor is in early talks to play the villain in 'Star Trek 3.'

If you're the folks behind the wheel of the "Star Trek" franchise, how do you top Benedict Cumberbatch in terms of sheer sexy menace? Easy: Hire Idris Elba.

The "Luther" and "Thor" actor looks like he's lining up for "Star Trek 3," the first film in the rebooted franchise to go boldly forward without J.J. Abrams at the helm. Instead, "Fast and Furious" veteran Justin Lin is stepping up to direct, and Variety reports that Elba is in early talks to be his main villain.

There's no information on who Elba is playing, only speculation. Popular opinion seems to be pointing toward Klingons as the new nemeses facing down Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew, and it makes sense, given the role they played in "Star Trek Into Darkness." Whether or not he's a Klingon, Elba is certain to crush any role thrown his way. Here's why he's going to be a villain that all "Star Trek" fans will love to hate.

He's already a proven jerk.


As Stringer Bell on "The Wire," Elba played one of the most cold and calculating shot-calling bad guys in television history. Doubtful that Elba's "Star Trek" villain will be responsible for running a drug-peddling organization on the streets of Baltimore, but at least we know that the actor has it in him to create an amazing, iconic villain.

He's charming, even when he's terrifying.


Outside of "The Wire," Elba's best known among his fans for playing DCI John Luther on "Luther," a fury-filled cop who tends to court extraordinary tragedy. He's hot-tempered, but even then, all he has to do is flash a smile to get you in his pocket. In other words, even if Elba's choking the life out of poor Chekov, it won't take much more than his signature grin to get you on his side.

But seriously, he's terrifying.


Elba's hulking stature makes him an immediately terrifying threat on physicality alone. He'll be charming in one instant, and he'll be throwing tables at you in the next. Look for Elba's "Star Trek" nemesis to be a physical powerhouse.

He's the hotness.


No need to elaborate, right? Idris Elba is the hotness. Case closed.

He looks great in space.


Having played Heimdall in the "Thor" movies, Elba already knows his way around a science fiction setting, and fans know to expect and respect his intimidating and imposing presence every time he stands among the stars.

He's a master of disguise.


Elba has tremendous range as an actor, from playing a Baltimore drug lord to policing the streets of London to safeguarding an entire planet far away from Earth — and that's just scratching the surface of the roles he's played over the years. So, if "Star Trek" needs him to play a Klingon? Absolutely no problem. He'll look the part, and he will act the part, and you will love to hate every second of it.

He's coming for you.


Get ready, 'cause here he comes.

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