Emma Stone Tells Us What She'll Be Thinking When Taylor Swift Sees 'Cabaret'

No pressure or anything.

Emma Stone doesn't have to sing or dance in the upcoming "Birdman," but her role as the recently rehabbed daughter of Michael Keaton's Riggan Thomson, a former action star who's turned his sights to the stage, prepared her for her upcoming stint in Broadway's "Cabaret."

"It was hard," Stone said of filming "Birdman," which is one very long tracking shot for most of the film. "It was definitely hard. It was like theater and film and stunts all at once. It had to be perfect every time."

When she goes onstage for "Cabaret," however, there's one person who will stand out in the audience, as opposed to the scores of people who will flock to see "Birdman" on screens upon its release: Stone's pal Taylor Swift.

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What will flash across Stone's mind when she spots Swift in the mezzanine?

"Sally's not the most famous or the most talented musical star on the planet," Stone said, so the pressure is somewhat lessened when performing for a multi-platinum artist like Swift.

Plus, the hard work of "Birdman" prepared Stone for the demanding eight-times-a-week performance schedule of Broadway.

"It does fuel the wanting to do something as scary as a musical eight times a week," she said.

"Birdman" hits theaters October 17.

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