Kim Kardashian’s Body Positivity Is Her ‘Responsibility’ As A Mom

'[North's] attitude toward her body is directly related to my own'

Kim Kardashian has endured her fair share of body shaming. Whether she's posting naked selfies or dressing in ways people have deemed "inappropriate" for a mother, Kim's body is a constant target. But now she's taking to her website to share her feelings on body positivity and the importance of self-esteem.

Kim explains that it took time for her to be comfortable with her body after her first pregnancy, and that she found a lot of support through her husband, Kanye West.

"A big source of my confidence is my husband. I'm my own biggest critic, and Kanye is my biggest supporter," she wrote. "He always encourages me, and makes me feel confident about owning all my curves and showing them off."

Another person who inspires her body positivity in her life is none other than her 3-year-old daughter, North.

"As North gets older, she'll start to be more aware of herself and her body," she said. "Her attitude toward her body is directly related to my own, so it's my responsibility to make sure she understands that positive body image comes from having a healthy self-esteem."

Kim Kardashian, mom of the year.