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Kim Kardashian Slams Naked Selfie Critics With A Series Of Kanye-Esque Tweets

She managed to plug her Kimojis, too. Bow.

It looks like being married to Kanye West has changed Kim Kardashian's approach to Twitter — last night, she hit back at naked selfie critics in a series of Kanye-esque tweets.

  • She began by reminding everyone of how successful her game is.

    She's also going to help Kanye out with his debt, it seems. If there's ever a time to use the money tongue emoji, this tweet is it.

  • She called out Piers Morgan.

    The #forresearch tag is a shot at Piers' wife, Celia Walden, whose name came up in the Ashley Madison hack. She said she had registered for research.

  • Then she turned her attention to Bette Midler.

    Earlier in the day, Bette tweeted that if Kim wanted us to see a part of her that we've never seen before, she'd have "to swallow the camera."

  • She plugged her Kimojis.

    The "Send Nudes" candy heart is a call back to her initial Bette tweet AND from her recent Kimoji update. Make that money, Kim.

  • She exposed Bette as a "fake friend."

    Much like when she called out Katie Couric for being a "fake media friend," Kim brought up that a gift she had received. She didn't want to bring it up, but, um, she did.

  • She came for Chloë Grace Moretz.

    I think we can confidently say NO ONE saw Kim Kardashian going toe-to-toe with Chloë Grace Moretz in 2016. Or ever, honestly. That said, Kim Kardashian is a grown-ass woman who can do whatever she wants with her body, Chloë.

  • She plugged her Kimojis again.

    I mean, who else could plug her own product — twice!!! — into a Twitter feud? Her hustle is unparalleled.

  • She shared another nude photo.

    She concluded her series of tweets with another naked photo. Bye.