YBN Cordae, Anderson .Paak, and J. Cole Are Immersed In Riches On 'RNP'

J. Cole's bouncy beat sounds like another dimension's 'Old Town Road'

YBN Cordae, Anderson .Paak, and J. Cole have come together for a ping-pong game of rap on their new collaboration, "RNP." J. Cole produces the bouncy instrumental so he remains behind the veil, but both YBN Cordae and .Paak make you dart your eyes (and ears) back and forth as they hand each lyric off to each other in each verse, building the ultimate display of teamwork. It may be about a dreamy lifestyle of Lamborghinis and on-demand foot massages, but the real draw here is this level of being in-sync like identical twins that can finish each other's sentences.

It starts with the bobbling beat, bouncing to and fro. It sounds like "Old Town Road" grew a mustache and its voice deepened during puberty, with the addition of sharp drums and the removal of whimsical melodies. J. Cole put his foot into this thing, stepping outside of his usual, soulful production-style range.

This carefree instrumental provides the perfect backdrop for the nostalgic rhymes of YBN Cordae and the constantly grinning flow of .Paak as they list off what they're happy for like it's a roundtable at Thanksgiving. "I'm in Europe with the tourists with no cellphone," he raps, delivering the ultimate flex. Having no phone in 2019 is unheard of. .Paak brings his own set of magnificently bragging lines, perhaps none better than "my drip is like a faucet." You can hear the grin on his face as he rhymes — maybe even a chuckle, too.

"RNP" is the third single from YBN Cordae's forthcoming debut album, The Lost Boy, that is set to drop on July 26. Last month, he put out "Bad Idea" with Chance the Rapper, and the two appeared in the visual as miniature musicians. Earlier this year, he collaborated with H.E.R. on the money-loving single "Racks."

Check out the endlessly bouncy "RNP" up above.

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