Here’s What Old School Monsters Would Look Like If Their Movies Were Made Today

We're already buying tickets in our heads.

Good news if you love monster movies: Universal has announced they're remaking all of the classic monster movies that we know and love, from "Frankenstein" to "The Thing" to the first movie they're filming in the new series, "The Mummy."

Crystal Ro at BuzzFeed imagined who Universal might cast to helm their new universe of movie monsters, and it makes us want these movies right now. Her first dream casting: Idris Elba as "Frankenstein."

"With his incredibly towering on-screen presence, Idris would obviously captivate the audience better than any one else could as one of the most famous monsters of the silver screen," Ro says in her post. We would agree there -- Elba could take the monster story to new dramatic heights.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed


For the "Bride of Frankenstein," she picks perpetual ethereal goddess, Tilda Swinton. In addition to looking ~perfect~ in The Bride's iconic up-do, Swinton, as Ro says, "absolutely slays every role she takes on."

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed


For the full set of monster movie dream castings, go on over to BuzzFeed.