J.K. Rowling And The 'Harry Potter' Cast Are Freaking Out Over Neville's Sexy Photo Shoot

'Go put some clothes on.'

It's hard to watch your children grow up. Whether they're your actual, biological kiddos, nieces and nephews -- or just actors you helped cast in a billion-dollar franchise -- seeing an adorable child turn into a man or woman before your very eyes is a bittersweet process indeed.

Now multiply that by infinity, and you get what "Harry Potter" scribe J.K. Rowling must be feeling now that her precious Neville Longbottom, Matthew Lewis, just showed off his junk via an underwear shoot for Attitude Magazine.

Attitude Magazine


Pretty nuts, right? (Hehe.)

Rowling hit the Interwebs to give Lewis a good-natured ribbing on Twitter, noting that at least this wasn't as traumatizing as watching the Boy Who Lived himself go fully nude in the play "Equus":

And of course this embarrassed Mr. Longbottom, but Rowling quickly followed up with a message of support:

While Lucius Malfoy chimed in with a badass dad joke:

... And Padma Patil was just psyched to see them abs come out from Neville's token fat suit:

Your turn, Tom Felton. You know you want to.