Rammstein March 'Links' To U.S. Radio

German industrial act addresses past right-wing controversies on first single off new LP, Mutter.

Bored? You won't be, now that Rammstein's returned.

Germany's fire-wielding industrial collective has set April 3 as the North American release date for its new album, Mutter, with the first single, "Links 2 3 4," shipping to U.S. radio on March 6.

As its title suggests, "Links 2 3 4" ("Left 2 3 4") features the sounds of marching feet and a military-inspired refrain. Sources close to the band said the lyrics indirectly address Rammstein's politics and the past right-wing controversy surrounding them, with passages specifying that the group's heart beats on the liberal "left" of the title.

The band is appearing on the Big Day Out festival tour in Australia and New Zealand (see [article id="1431242"]"Limp Bizkit, Rammstein Set For Aussie "Big Day Out"[/article]), to be followed by a few dates in Japan taking them through to mid-February. A video shoot for "Links" is expected to be shot later in February, and a tour of Europe is scheduled for May.

A source confirmed that Rammstein have been in talks with Ozzfest organizers but are unlikely to be included on that bill due to scheduling problems. The band's dramatic and often fiery stage show requires an after-dark slot, and that is not looking likely.

Tour-wise, the band isn't expected to hit the U.S. until the summer, though some promotional dates are possible before then, the group's publicist said.

Meanwhile, Rammstein are releasing "Sonne" ("Sun") in Europe on February 12. The band has already shot a video for that track, which can be viewed by subscribers to the fan area of the group's official Web site. The song is unlikely to get the single treatment in the U.S, however, as its softer, ballad-like presentation and fairy-tale narrative will not translate well to an audience weaned on Rammstein's power tracks, a label rep said.

Mutter (Mother) is the follow-up studio effort to 1998's "Sehnsucht," which spawned the single "Du Hast." The album was again produced by Clawfinger's Jacob Hellner (see [article id="1433608"]"Rammstein Mixing Mutter Album"[/article]).