This 'Smart House' And 'Pitch Perfect' Connection Will Blow Your Mind


Fewer Disney Channel Original Movies are more beloved than "Smart House," the 1999 film about a boy (Ryan Merriman) who wins his family a futuristic house run by an overbearing computer. Katey Sagal, who played Pat, both mesmerized and terrified us as she went from 0-100 real quick; when Pat wasn't happy, nobody was happy.

Of course, Sagal's performance as Pat isn't her biggest claim to fame (although she's definitely a winner in the eyes of every '90s kid). Sagal is better known for her performance as Gemma Teller Morrow on "Sons of Anarchy," Peggy Bundy on "Married with Children" and a plethora of different characters on "Futurama." Seriously, just look at her IMDb page; Sagal is a boss. And today (Jan. 19) is also her birthday, FYI.

However, did you know Sagal is part of the "Pitch Perfect" universe? She wasn't in the first film, but she did play Katherine in "Pitch Perfect 2." Katherine was Emily's (Hailee Steinfeld) mom, a legendary former Bella who burst into spontaneous singing while escorting her only daughter to college. Yep, Katherine and Pat are one and the same.

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Smart House/Pitch Perfect 2

Although Sagal's screen time in "Pitch Perfect 2" was limited, her character is kind of the reason the Bellas even let Emily audition for a spot in the first place, which ultimately led the group to winning the championship and living happily ever after. So, you can thank Katherine for all of that.

And remember, it was Katherine who described gauges as "those weird buttons [people] wear in their earlobes," and uttered this ~interesting~ line that made us all think twice after hearing it:

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Pitch Perfect 2

But while Pat was super controlling (and a tad psychotic), Katherine never attacked her daughter with oranges, created a crazy windstorm indoors, or guilt-tripped/sassed her child into oblivion.

Seriously, Pat was the sass master and didn't hold back what she was thinking. And you had to just take it, because would you want to go up against this windstorm disguised as a "human"? (Short answer: No.)


Smart House

Moreover, Sagal showed up at the end of "Pitch Perfect 2" in a special turn of events. The a cappella group brought back a bunch of former Bellas, including Katherine and Robin Roberts from "Good Morning America," because why not? It was a wonderful scene about sisterhood (or motherhood, I guess) and how strong camaraderie can truly be.

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Pitch Perfect 2

And special thanks to Sagal for not going all nuclear and terrorizing the Bellas beyond belief. Her voice was soothing and non-invasive in "Pitch Perfect 2," unlike Pat's persona in "Smart House." Seriously, you're never gonna see a tweet like this about sweet and innocent Katherine.

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