'Supernatural': [SPOILER] Returned On Tonight's Episode, But Not How You Think

"When has death ever stopped a Winchester?"

Last week's episode of "Supernatural" was definitely one for the books. Mostly notably because:

>> Jensen Ackles directed it.

>> Crowley (Mark Sheppard) showed off his sensitive, fatherly side — something we never thought possible from the King of Hell.

>> Amara (Gracyn Shinyei) was batsh-t crazy, constantly sucking out souls, just because she could. Yikes.

While Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Ackles) dealt with this freaky "Children of the Corn" child, Castiel (Misha Collins) went on a zombie-like escapade, almost killing Dean and a girl (Masae Day), before Sam was able to force Rowena (Ruth Connell) to reverse her damn spell. Yay, no more evil Cas! Of course, Rowena got the jump on the boys, and managed to escape. Cue Dean's signature pouty face.

Earlier on Wednesday (Oct. 28), Padalecki tweeted out some pretty exciting news. So naturally, we're even more stoked for this episode.

Check out our six biggest moments from “Baby.”

Sam gets laid

Diyah Pera / The CW


Sam and Dean drove out to a dingy roadhouse where, supposedly, the hunter who helped out with their wendigo case back in the day was going to meet them. Fast-forward through the night: Dean left the roadhouse and climbed back into his car. Of course, he was quickly greeted by Sam and a semi-naked girl, uh, chillin' in the backseat. Grinning like a cheshire cat, Dean left the car to give the lovebirds some privacy.

Later, the boys were driving, singing along to old songs and joking about Piper (Sam's naked friend). Sam eventually fell asleep while Dean continued to drive. Soon after waking up, Sam found himself face-to-face with a younger version of his late father, John Winchester (Matt Cohen). OMG WHAT?!

John told Sam he never wanted this life for his boys. (A little late for that, John.) Sam confessed to John he had a vision back in the hospital, and John told him, "The Darkness is coming, and only you boys can stop it." Yeah, no pressure.

Winchester sharing time

Diyah Pera /The CW


After a car honked its horn, Sam woke up from his vision/dream/hallucination, and found Dean surfing the web in the parked car. Sam told Dean about his experience and Sam admitted he thought his visions were coming from God, since they starting occurring after Sam prayed in the hospital. "God helps those who help themselves," according to John. Then, Sam thought now was a good time to tell Dean he used to be infected, and you can image how well Dean took that news.

Soon after, Dean confessed that he dreams about their dad often -- only Sam was convinced this "dream" of his wasn't a dream at all, but a message. Dean was all like, "Hell no, Sammy Boy," and refused to believe these were messages from God.

They went to sleep, but not before calling each other "jerk" and "bitch." Ahhh, love it.


Diyah Pera / The CW


After realizing there was a case in town, the boys decided to stay and investigate. They checked into a hotel, and a valet driver took Dean's car for a spin. (Thank God she didn't get a scratch on it, amirite?!)

Later, Castiel called Dean about the creature that may be responsible for the town's deaths. Turns out, the deputy was a were-pire (part werewolf, part vampire), who attacked Dean, but he was eventually able to vanquish him.  Well, sorta. Since the were-pire's head was still, um, alive and active, Dean shoved it into the icebox in the back of the car. Gross.


Diyah Pera / The CW


After Dean picked up Sam and an unconscious woman who was attacked by monsters, he received a phone call from Castiel that they were actually dealing with a ghoul-pire, not a were-pire. Either way, the creatures were already dead, so they just "need[ed] to remind them they were dead," according to Castiel.

The woman regained consciousness and (of course) looked in the icebox to find the decapitated head. While Sam was away from the car, Dean was attacked by the woman, who — surprise! — was in cahoots with the creatures. Fangtastic. (Sorry.)

She was able to reattach the deputy's severed head to its body, and he and the woman kidnapped Dean. The deputy told Dean, "I need an army to fight the Darkness," since it was coming and no one could stop it. So, the deputy was turning humans into ghoul-pires to help fight the good fight.

"Super Smash Bros:" Winchester style

Diyah Pera / The CW


In true Dean fashion, the older Winchester attacked his captors with a hatpin that Piper left in the car. (You just knew she'd come in handy, didn't you?) The car crashed and Dean began an all-out brawl with the deputy and the woman. Spoiler: He won the fight.

After the woman received one too many blows to the head, she apparently got knocked out of the trance the ghoul-pires had over her, begging Dean to help her find her kids.


Diyah Pera / The CW


When Dean and the woman arrived at their destination, Sam and her children were alive and ghoul-pire-free. Exhausted, Dean told Sam, "Let's go home," to which Sam replied, "You know what? We are home," as he knocked on the car. The boys drove off into the distance.

OK, but can Hottie McHotterson Matt Cohen come back, please? Like, for real.