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'Supernatural': The Darkness Has A New Name, And It's [SPOILER]

The Darkness may be physically small, but she packs a powerful punch.

Last week kicked off the season 11 premiere of "Supernatural," and a bunch of juicy things happened. But sadly, no one was shirtless. Bummer.

Anyway, we learned The Darkness is a woman and she's apparently connected to Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). Understandably, Dean isn't sure how to feel about this new info, but he's ~luckily~ distracted by an infestation of zombie-like creatures who spread the disease via blood. Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) unfortunately becomes infected and doesn't tell Dean, because why bother telling your big brother you're a ticking time bomb, right?

Meanwhile, Castiel (Misha Collins) tries to shake off the aftermath of Rowena's (Ruth Connell) spell, and he ends up being captured by his fellow angel brethren. Crowley shifts his soul into the body of a suburban housewife, has a crazy orgy and then learns his demon follows are terrified about rumors of The Darkness being released.

As Officer Jenna Nickerson (Laci J. Mailey), who the Winchesters save from the zombies, tries to take care of a dead guy's baby, it's revealed baby Amara bears the Mark of Cain right below her shoulder. DEMON BABY.

Check out our rundown of the eight biggest moments from tonight's (Oct. 14) episode, “Form and Void.”

  1. Demon Baby Amara
    Carole Segal / The CW

    Dean drives Jenna and demon baby Amara to Barb's (Christine Willes) house (she's Jenna's grandmother). After Barb tells her granddaughter she looks like "poop on parade," Jenna goes to take a nap while Barb puts the baby down for a snooze.

    Shortly after, Jenna and Barb hear the baby crying and run into the room. Horrified, they see wooden alphabet blocks spinning above the baby's head before quickly slamming into the wall — all on their own. The blocks spell out "Feed Me," because a baby's gotta eat too, ya know. Naturally, Barb assumes "the devil is in that girl." So, Jenna gives Dean an SOS call.

  2. Pudding boy George
    Carole Segal / The CW

    Sam kidnaps George (Trevor Roberts), another infected man, and takes him back to the hospital. After George devours a cup of chocolate pudding like a rabid dog, he tells Sam he turned into a zombie after Sam did, yet he's already further gone into zombie-land. Neither are sure why this is so — since being a zombie doesn't come with an instruction manual — but George, ever the optimist, tells Sam he should kill them both, before it's too late.

    Soon after, George dies (because the zombie curse has an undetermined shelf life) while Sam continues looking for a cure and lying to Dean that he's perfectly fine. UGH, Sam.

  3. Torturing Castiel
    Carole Segal / The CW

    Angels Efram (Dylan Archambault) and Jonah (Albert Nicholas) both torture Castiel, slapping him and cutting him with an angel blade. At one point, Castiel shouts that he's cursed and urges Efram and Jonah to flee, before he ends up hurting them. Of course, they're all "LOL, nope," and continue torturing our favorite angel.

    They demand to know where Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) is after Castiel busted him out of Heaven's jail, but Castiel swears he doesn't know. They also demand to know where Sam and Dean are, but faithful Castiel refuses to give them up. Naturally, this info doesn't go over well with Efram and Jonah.

  4. Unclean Sam
    Carole Segal / The CW

    Sam meets female reaper Billie (Lisa Berry) in the hospital, and she's pissed AF that he and Dean killed Death (at the end of season 10). Billie says she knows Sam is close to dying, and she can't wait for her or another reaper to take him when he's dead and gone. He won't be sent to Heaven or Hell, but to some unknown, empty place, whatever the heck that means. She also tells Sam he's "unclean, in the biblical sense." Again, whatever that means.

    Sam finds a giant cross on the wall in the hospital and prays to God, asking for help and a sign. He then experiences a frightening vision of being tortured in a scene that's straight out of "Hellraiser." He's legit confused and tries to figure out what the hell is going on right now (as are we).

    He soon starts hearing voices in his head — his own voice — telling him to stop and not hurt himself. He ignores this, and burns the creepy, black veins on his neck, the sign he's infected. After burning them with a marshmallow, they surprisingly disappear. Realizing he's found a cure, Sam lures other zombies into a trap, then cures them. After they're healed, the ragtag group runs off to go save other infected people.

  5. Hannah & Castiel 4ever
    Carole Segal / The CW

    Castiel's angel friend/secret lover Hannah rescues him from Efram and Jonah's clutches. Using a male vessel (Lee Majdoub) to communicate, she tells the rogue angels to back the eff off, that this isn't the right way to get answers. Surprisingly, they listen to her.

    Hannah tries to heal Castiel, but nothing happens. She claims it's because of "powerful magic," referring to Rowena's spell. Castiel tells Hannah he's doing his best to fight it, but it's a powerful force that's taking over him. Hannah's world is turned upside down after Castiel tells her The Darkness is real. "God help us... if this is true, it's the end for all of us," Hannah mutters.

    Castiel soon catches on that Hannah set him up, making Efram and Jonah kidnap and torture him. Then, she'd show up and be the big hero, and he'd be so grateful that he'd tell Hannah anything she wanted to know. When asked why she would do this to him, her friend, she said they stopped being friends after he released Metatron.

    When Castiel continues to refuse to give up Sam and Dean, Efram puts this head torture thing on him. But after Hannah tries to stop Efram, he kicks her to the ground. Angered at seeing his friend being hurt, the curse inside Castiel unleashes. He breaks free from his shackles and kicks a lot of ass. Unfortunately, Hannah is killed after the angel blade is thrust through her body (aka the male vessel's body).

  6. The exorcist will see you now
    Carole Segal / The CW

    Once Dean arrives to examine demon baby Amara, Jenna informs him Barb freaked out and called in an exorcist. Intrigued, Dean enters the house and comes face to face with his ol' buddy/nemesis Crowley (Mark Sheppard). Jenna asks if they know each other, and Crowley quickly says Dean was his alter boy back in the day. Dean's face at this suggestion speaks volumes. (This incident will probably quickly become part of the Dean/Crowley fan fiction that's floating around online. You know who you are.)

  7. They grow up so fast
    Carole Segal / The CW

    Somehow, the demon baby manages to possess Jenna. Under a type of trance, Jenna goes to Barb, holding a knife. As a demonic gleam shines in her eyes, she stabs her grandmother to death. After hearing Barb's screams, Dean and Crowley investigate, finding Barb's dead body. They then go to check on the baby and Crowley notices the baby likes Dean, who soon spots the Mark of Cain on her.

    Crowley and Dean find Jenna in another room, smashing angel statues. Crowley points out that she doesn't have a soul anymore. While they're talking and fighting, Amara magically grows from a baby to a toddler and Crowley kills Jenna. He reveals Amara eats souls, and Dean thinks she's actually The Darkness. Crowley doesn't think Dean has it in him to murder the girl... and Dean knows it.

    Shortly after, Crowley tells Dean like it is, yelling, "I'M NOT YOUR BLOODY SIDEKICK," to which Dean stabs Crowley with a demon blade, pinning him to the wall. This — shocker — doesn't hold Crowley for long, and he disappears by the time Dean comes back.

  8. Amara = The Darkness
    Carole Segal / The CW

    Sam and Dean reunite and Dean tells his brother The Darkness isn't a woman, but actually a child named Amara. As they're talking, the boys discover a hurt Castiel, who begs them for help.

    Meanwhile, Crowley finds Amara. He pulls up in a shady-looking van, opening the door to a captured family, bound and gagged. He coyly asks her, "Want some candy, little girl?" She takes one look at the trembling people and smiles the creepiest smile ever. The episode ends on that smile, and we're going to try really hard not to have nightmares about this creepy demon girl who eats souls.

    Remember when this show was simply about two brothers trying to find their missing dad?