Here’s Why Fetty Wap Didn’t Get Taylor Swift’s Phone Number

And this is what they talked about when they met.

We saw Taylor Swift and Fetty Wap hit the stage together on Saturday (Aug. 8) for a rendition of "Trap Queen." But now, we also know what went on backstage.

Today, Fetty spoke about what he and T-Swizzle talked about when they met up for the duet. "She's a real cool person," he told Big Boy TV. "The whole time, she wasn't even talking about no music. We were just talking about regular life. She was just giving me information on day-to-day things.

"People ain't really talk to me like that," he continued. "I done met a couple people so far. She was telling me real key pointers. I felt like I was talking to a business person, but I was interested. She was a real cool person, but when it got down to business, it was like the artist came out."

Could a collab be in the works? Fetty's definitely in.

"I just did an interview," he added. "They asked me who I wanted to make a song with. I said, 'Taylor Swift.'"

Sounds like the universe is working towards making that happen. But they won't be speaking through texts, according to Wap. He apparently didn't get her phone number.

"Nah," he explained. "'Cause she said she had a boyfriend. I don't like taking girls' numbers who got a boyfriend."

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