Suzi Pratt/LP5/Getty

Prediction: Taylor Swift Is On A Quest To Perform Every Song Of The Summer On Her 1989 Tour

And she'll do it in 'Style.'

I've never met Taylor Swift (yet!), and she's never told me any part of her master plan for world domination. But from all accounts, it seems to be going quite well -- and I, for one, welcome our new pop megastar overlord. So, consider what follows as purely speculative, though I do have my reasons, and I believe you'll find the argument compelling.

Here it is: Taylor Swift is very likely on a quest to perform every potential song of the summer for 2015 on her 1989 World Tour. And I have evidence.

Since May 5, when the 1989 World Tour kicked off in Tokyo, Taylor has seen fit to make every show on the tour more grandiose, more star-studded and generally more incredible (or at least try to). In June, she brought out her infamous #squad plus Emma Watson during a massive gig in London's Hyde Park. A month later, her MetLife Stadium show featured the U.S. Women's Soccer Team. You see? Bigger and bigger.

But those guests are part of the larger T.S. narrative of #squadgoals, something breezier and more based in friendship than part of an actual domination plan. When it comes to inviting musicians up to play with her, Taylor's every move is surgically precise. Here's the proof.

The 1989 World Tour continues until December. That's still plenty of time for a cameo from Tay's BF Calvin Harris and a rousing, stadium-shaking rendition of REAL song of the summer "How Deep Is Your Love," if you ask me.