Joe Jonas Finally Explains What 'Cake By The Ocean' Means

Joe Jonas is back with a new band (DNCE), which is the best news in visibility for great eyebrows since Cara Delevingne started appearing in feature films. If you haven't exhausted the replay button on the group's debut single "Cake By The Ocean," you're not living right, but don't worry, there's still time.

MTV News recently caught up with the band -- which also boasts JinJoo Lee on guitar, Jack Lawless on drums, and Cole Whittle on bass -- to chat about their new project and find out what "cake by the ocean" even means.

"I had an idea to start a band on my own for quite a while and was waiting for the right time," Joe revealed. "I've known Jack and JinJoo for years, almost 10 years at this point, and played on and off with both of them and [...] Cole just fell into our laps at the perfect moment, and we formed DNCE." Their sound is a mix of funk and disco brought together for the 21st century. DNCE is rooted in fun and embracing imperfections, whether that's the band's name itself -- a misspelling of the word "dance" -- or their very lost in translation first single.

"Working on the record, these Swedish producers that we were working with, they kept confusing 'sex on the beach' with 'cake by the ocean,' so that's how the song started," Joe explained. "Then, it became this kind of lyrically wacky song, and it kind of embodies the band. It's funky, it's fresh, I think it's something that people can dance to."

Also, because I'm only interested in asking the important questions, Joe's favorite cake is red velvet, FYI. ?

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