Katy Perry Was The Inspiration For Coldplay's 'Sky Full Of Stars': Find Out How

Find out how Chris Martin wrote the song.

Ever wonder if there was something addictive stirred into Coldplay's "Sky Full Of Stars"? That's because there's a dash of heartbreak, a pinch of EDM and a splash of Katy Perry in the mix. In a Beat x Beat webcast produced by Beats by Dre, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin explains how the song came to be and how it was built.

"It needs to be about unconditional love," he said about the Ghost Stories song. "There will be a point where you'll be like, 'OK, I got that out of my system. Now let's go dancing.'"

Martin said he was listening to Perry when he was writing the album, explaining that her songs have a repetitive chord pattern with a sing-along melody over top. He stole that idea and used to for the track. He also got help from Avicii, who would inject it with the EDM feel he wanted -- giving the whole song the sense of unity he saw at EDM shows.

"Every time I sing it, I'm like, yep, that's how I want to live my life," Martin said.

Watch the clip above. It's actually pretty cool to see who the whole song came together.