Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez Had The Best Reactions To Demi Lovato's VMA Performance

Jaws to the floor.

It appears Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are totally "Cool For The Summer."

The two besties, who sat side-by-side at the 2015 VMAs, were caught on our audience camera watching the monitors intently as Demi Lovato took over the outdoor Pepsi Stage in downtown L.A. to perform her latest single. The night marked the first time she hit the stage for the big show, and she clearly made a lasting impression on her fellow pop stars.

In the video, Demi lounges a beach chair wearing a sparkly purple leotard (complete with cut-outs and black knee-high boots) and as she starts singing, it's evident that Demi's friends Tay and Selena like what they see -- Selena was even caught dancing in her seat.

Taylor couldn't peel her eyes away from the screen as Iggy Azalea joined Demi on stage, with Selena clapping along as the two exchanged whispers. Once Demi brought it to the bridge of the song, Taylor's jaw hit the floor.

As soon as Demi belts "take me down!" and steps into the raft that floats her above the crowd, Taylor's jaw literally drops to the floor -- and with a huge smile on her face, it appears she's doing everything in her power not to stand up and have a full-on dance party.

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