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Demi And Iggy Just Turnt Up For Their 'Cool For The Summer' Remix

Slay, ladies. Slaaaaaay.

Just when things couldn't possibly get more heated at the VMAs -- Miley and Nicki, we're looking at you -- Demi Lovato went and literally TURNT IT UP with her performance of "Cool For The Summer."

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Demi opened the performance straight up lounging in a beach chair, giving all of us serious #lifegoals. We'll swap lives (and bodies) with you anytime, bb. Honestly, no song makes us want to vigorously rub ourselves more than "Cool For The Summer" does. (Demi would totally agree with this statement, btw.)

Wearing a sparkly purple leotard, complete with cut-outs and black knee-high boots, Demi slayed our hearts with her fierceness.

Of course, her overall slayage wasn't the only surprise Demi had in store for us. Her bestie Iggy Azalea joined her onstage to debut the official remix of "Cool For The Summer" -- and natch, Iggy Iggz shut down the haters with her signature Aussie attitude.

Slay on, ladies.