Ride On: Dax Shepard Is Going To Remake 'CHiPs'

Michael Peña is along for the ride.

Holy "CHiPs."

The California Highway Patrol's finest are hitting the road once again in the form of an all-new "CHiPs" feature film, as put into motion by Warner Bros. Leading the charge: Dax Shepard, who WB has hired to write, direct and star in the film.

Deadline reports that Shepard will take on the role of Officer Jon Baker, played on the 1970s and 80s TV series by Larry Wilcox. Meanwhile, "End of Watch" and "Observe and Report" actor Michael Peña has been tapped to take on Erik Estrada's iconic role, Officer Frank "Ponch" Poncherello. If there aren't cameos planned for Wilcox and Estrada, then there truly is no justice in the world.

As for the movie itself, well, look. A lot of people balked at the idea of a "21 Jump Street" remake, and look how that turned out. It could be the same story for a "CHiPs" movie, as long as there's a whole lot of this:

And maybe a cameo from the "Super Troopers" gang for good measure.

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