The 17 Fandom Awards Moments That Rocked Your Face Right Off

Relive all of the moments that made you 'Scream.'

Hey, how is your face feeling right now? Because the 2015 MTV Fandom Awards just rocked it right off, sooooo we're concerned. Please make sure you get some rest and keep a lot of ice on standby!

If you're still buzzing after watching "Hunger Games," "Jurassic World," Olicity fans (sorry to all you other Ship of the Year contenders, better luck next year!) and more walk away as big winners of the night — not to mention gawking at the exclusive movie clips we threw your way (o hai "Hitman") — then… well, we can't blame you. It was pretty awesome!

Here are the 17 most awesome moments of the night, from Bella Thorne fighting off her "Scream" fate to Tyler Posey and All Time Low rocking out, and more:

That moment you stopped sobbing over Jon Snow


MTV Fandom Awards San Diego - Show

…because here comes Austin Butler as your new high fantasy heartthrob. Screw winter, "The Shannara Chronicles" is coming!

That moment when Dylan O'Brien introduced a scorching hot "Maze Runner" clip.

"Scorch Trials," get here faster please now and thank you.

That moment when Taran Killam made the best Bieber's boat booty joke ever.


MTV Fandom Awards San Diego - Show

"Moby Dick," thank you for the endless supply of dirty jokes.

That moment Tyler Posey had the best booty of the night, and it really wasn't close.

That was one way to call attention to the inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary.

That moment when we all hit an All Time Low.



No, but really, that rocked.

That moment when Olicity won Ship of the Year…



…but they weren't around to accept the award. Insert sad/angry/all-the-feels face here. But we love them anyway.

That moment when we showed you an "Ant-Man" clip and we all realized Paul Rudd isn't just a superhero, but a scooper-hero.



I will show myself out now.

That moment Bella told Gregg Sulkin she's leaving him for Paul Rudd.

I'm pretty sure she's kidding... but it IS Paul Rudd.

That moment you fell in love with a "Hitman."



Rupert Friend, friend request sent.

That moment when you learned your life is in danger…



…but who cares because wow Rupert Friend you look REAL GOOD.

That moment when you should have cared more about your life being in danger, because now you're tied to a chair and things look real bad.



But Rupert Friend, though!

That moment when Dylan Bruce forced "Orphan Black" fans to relive their worst nightmare...


MTV Fandom Awards San Diego - Show

...and also spoiled his character's fate for people who have not watched "Orphan Black" yet. Whoops! But in his defense, he totally followed our spoiler guidelines, so it's fair game.

That moment when "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" picked up the Fandom of the Year award.

This is the part where we all whistle the "Mockingjay" tune and shoot three fingers up into the air together. How awesome did that just feel?!?!

Oh, and that moment Ian Ziering was the man to award the top honors to "Mockingjay."


MTV Fandom Awards San Diego - Show

Forget "Sharknado," this was vintage Steve Sanders at his finest. Simply the best.

That moment when Mel B dropped an F-bomb on the Fandom Award...


MTV Fandom Awards San Diego - Show

...and by "F-bomb," we mean Flo Rida.


MTV Fandom Awards San Diego - Show

It went down for real.

Finally, that moment when "Scream" levels of violence almost happened onstage.


MTV Fandom Awards San Diego - Show

Crisis averted!

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