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'The Hunger Games' Wins 'Fandom Of The Year' At Comic-Con

Which fandoms reigned supreme at San Diego Comic-Con?

The fans have voted, tweeted, and tumbled their shipper hearts out, and now we can officially announce that their efforts have paid off -- the 2015 MTV Fandom Awards winner's list is officially here!

Of course, every fandom is a winning fandom when it all boils down to it, because y'all are some of the most passionate, dedicated humans around -- from the "iZombie" fanatics to the Bamon lovers to the Harmonizers. But at the end of the day, someone had to walk away with the trophies when Tyler Posey and Bella Thorne handed them out at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday night (July 9).

So before the show airs on on MTV (specifically the "MTV Fandom Awards Special" on Sunday, July 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT), check out who won if you don't mind spoilers!

Best New Fandom Of The Year



"Girl Meets World"

"How to Get Away With Murder"



Feels Freak Out Of The Year

"Game of Thrones": Winter is Here

Lady Gaga Joins "American Horror Story: Hotel"

Nina Dobrev Announces She's Leaving "The Vampire Diaries"

"Pretty Little Liars" Reveals "A" is Charles

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Trailer

Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction

Ship Of The Year

Clexa from "The 100"

Olicity from "Arrow"

Karmy from "Faking It"

Emily from "Pretty Little Liars"

Sciles from "Teen Wolf"

Bamon from "The Vampire Diaries"

Fandom Army Of The Year

All Time Low -- Hustlers

Ed Sheeran -- Sheerios

Fifth Harmony -- Harmonizers

Nicki Minaj -- Barbz

One Direction -- Directioners

Shawn Mendes -- Mendes Army

Taylor Swift -- Swifties

Animation Fandom Of The Year

"Adventure Time"

"Big Hero 6"

"Bob's Burgers"

"Family Guy"

"The Legend of Korra"

"The Simpsons"

Social Superstar Of The Year

Andrea Russett

Hannah Hart

Jerome Jarre



Tyler Oakley

Best Fandom Forever

"The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"


"Mean Girls"

"Star Wars"

"The Office"


Best Revival Fandom Of The Year

"Fuller House"


"Jurassic World"

"Mad Max: Fury Road"

"The X-Files"

"Twin Peaks"

Fandom of the Year


"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay"

...And as a special bonus for scrolling all the way to the bottom, how about a special message exclusively for you from the cast of "Ant-Man"?