Miley Cyrus Is Working On New Music, But When Will We Hear It?

She's working on new tunes with the Flaming Lips.

It was a whole different kind of VMAs for Miley Cyrus on Sunday night. A year after she set the world's tongues wagging with her twerk clinic, Miley walked the MTV Video Music Awards carpet in a more sedate two-piece leather outfit and left the outrageous behavior in the closet for the night.

With her twerking days behind her, Miley said she's working on new music with the Flaming Lips. "It is different, it's a little psychedelic," she said. "But still in that pop world... I live to be in the studio, that's my favorite part."

That's the good news. The bad news is she said the follow-up to last year's Bangerz "might take me five years," she said. Why? Because Miley's vowing to work on it until, well she's done. Whenever that is. Then again, we waited almost four years for Bangerz, so maybe she's right on schedule?

After hooking up with the Lips for a cover of the Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds," and some trippy videos, it sounds like the relationship with frontman Wayne Coyne is turning into a musical match made in heaven.

But five years? C'mon Miley! That's too long!

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