Listen To Miley Cyrus & The Flaming Lips' Strange, Tripstastic Beatles Cover

Aww, you guys: they're turning into best fwends!

We might not want to live in a world created by Miley Cyrus and the Flaming Lips, but we would 100 percent want to visit there. For like a week. OK, maybe just a long weekend. Through their highly unusual fwendship, something bizarre and seemingly nonsensical becomes an eye-opening "oh, yes, of course this makes sense!" affair. Like their cover of The Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."

That's right: putting Miley and the Lips and the Beatles into a psychedelic funkblender has managed to produce something pretty tripptastic in a "hitch a ride on a rainbow-pooping-unicorn and hold on" sorta way. And you can hear a preview of the track right here, right now. It is equal parts weird and wonderful.

If you had told us that Hannah Montana would later go on to cover one of the most iconic songs of all time with some of the biggest stone-cold weirdos in music (that's a compliment, guys), we would have laughed at you. It would've been real embarrassing for us in hindsight.

But Cyrus' vocals and emotive abilities have been bolstered by her work with the Lips — they of playful but accomplished musical dexterity — as evidenced by their work on "A Day in The Life." And though it's hard to put our finger on it, as each musician's signature playful absurdness kicks into gear, we can't help but want to at least explore their be-glittered, batsh-- world.