Breaking Down The 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Trailer, One Gasp At A Time

Who did the Liars kill this time?

Pretty Little Liars dropped its first promo for Season 7 on Thursday, and there's a whole lot of screaming, crying, and grave-digging to discuss. Hanna's still missing (and maybe hanging from the rafters?), Ali is being poked and prodded by doctors, and Spencer, Aria, and Emily are digging a grave in the middle of the woods. Sounds like a typical day in Rosewood to us, TBH.

In case you need a refresher, the Season 6 finale ended with the revelation that Mrs. DiLaurentis's twin (and Charlotte's real mother), Mary Drake, had been the one sending the girls death threats, with help from Alison's husband, Elliott Rollins. Ali checked herself into a mental hospital after thinking she'd been hallucinating her dead mother, thereby giving shady husband total control over Charlotte's funds, and Hanna got pulled through a hole in the floor (casual) and kidnapped by A ... or maybe it was Mary Drake ... or A.D. WHO EVEN KNOWS ANYMORE.

It looks like Season 7 is going to up the ante with even more murder and mayhem, and we wouldn't expect anything less from (what could be) Pretty Little Liars's final season. So let's take a look at some of the gasp-worthy moments from the promo and see what we can decipher.

What is Dr. Rollins doing with that very stylish hand saw?

pll - elliott

Judging from this super quick frame, it looks like Aria and Ezra are teaming up to spy on Rollins. In the finale we learned that Mary Drake and Elliott, a.k.a. Charlotte's former flame, were working together this entire time -- and poor Ali was just an unfortunate pawn in her husband’s vengeful games. So at least this means that it won't take the Liars too long to become suspicious of Ali's "dutiful" husband. He's a major creep, and not just because he carries hand saws in his bag.

Poor Ali

pll - emison

Last season was a tough one for Ali. She was practically driven insane by her aunt and husband, and in the season finale, she committed herself for further psych evaluation. Unfortunately for Ali, in addition to signing over her financial control of the Carissimi Group to Elliott, she also put him in charge of her medical care, which pretty much means Elliott can sign off on Ali's electroshock therapy if he wanted to. And it looks like he just might. Emily, help!

Did the Liars commit their very first murder?

pll - aria

It took six seasons, and over 100 episodes, but the Liars might have just committed their very first murder. Awww. They grow up so fast. We're sure it was in self-defense. Also, is that Hanna running away from A?

Mary Drake does not know the meaning of personal space.

pll - mary drake

So ... she's just going to walk around Rosewood and charge into people's houses unannounced now? Cool. That's not crazy at all. Watch out, Spencer.

Hanna is alive! (For now.)

pll - hanna

What fresh hell is this? It looks like A is keeping Hanna locked up in a shed so that he/she can test out experimental water torture techniques on her. That does not look like fun, especially for Hanna, who we know loves a good blowout.

Ezria looks very close.

pll - hanna trapped

Hanna may be in grave danger, but that doesn't mean Aria and Ezra don't have time to cuddle. They have five years of PDA to make up for. (Ugh.) Seriously, Ezria: Get your priorities straight and go help your friends!

Yep. The Liars definitely killed someone.

pll - murder

But who?! Since we have no idea where this scene fits chronologically in the season, the body could be anyone. Maybe Mary Drake or even Elliott? We doubt the Liars would bury Hanna in such macabre manner, but we could see Liars burying another blonde in that shallow grave: Sara Harvey.

Emily cannot deal.

pll - emily

Girl, pull yourself together! You've endured this shit for seven years. Don't freak out during the homestretch.

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