Justin Bieber Compares Himself To Princess Diana After Getting Rear-Ended By The Paparazzi

'There should be laws against what I just experienced.'

Justin Bieber got rear-ended by the paparazzi on Tuesday (August 26) and let's face it, no matter how you feel about the Biebs, there are times that paps can put celebrities in danger.

Trust me, I'm not the type to take pity on multi-millionaires when they complain about the pittances of the rich and famous lifestyle, but the more that celebrities speak out about the behaviors of the paparazzi, the more that I've come to see their side of things.

As they work tirelessly for that exclusive picture or video, paparazzi can put celebrities in dangerous situations. While Justin seems to be fine after the car accident, he's no stranger to the dangers of these sorts of situations. A paparazzo who was taking pictures of Justin's Ferrari died last year when he was struck by another car -- proving it's a hazardous game from both sides.

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The most infamous and tragic example of this, of course, is Princess Diana -- who died in a car accident while fleeing from paparazzi. It was her case that Justin invoked after his incident today.

And the pop star is just the latest in a long line of celebrities who have openly decried the ever-present photogs.

Of course, Kanye West is very vocal about how the pressures of paparazzi have negatively affected his life. And Miley Cyrus has also spoken out against them in the past, including the 2011 incident when a paparazzo hit Miley's mom with a camera.

What do you think? Are paparazzi taking things too far, or is this just another element that comes along with being a celebrity?