Fall Out Boy Apologizes To America For ESPN Overplaying The Sh-t Out Of Their Song


If you’re an All-american, patriotic, sports-loving, red-blooded football fan, chances are you tuned in to ESPN to watch the College Football Playoff. And chances are, you heard the song “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy approximately 982,425,387,000 times.

That’s because the song — catchy as it may be — was the only one used in ESPN’s heavily-played playoffs commercial, and fans started to get just a little fed up with it.

But fans weren’t the only ones who got peeved about the song being chronically overplayed. Apparently, Fall Out Boy noticed it, too.


When FOX Sports asked Pete Wentz if he watched any playoff games, he admitted, “I watched it a little bit. It’s a little bit crazy to watch with your song in it so much. People are always like, ‘Hey it’s starting to get annoying!’”



Asked if he’d like to apologize, the bassist said, “We realize that it was to the point where it was getting under people’s skin. We didn't really know that’s how it was going to be, because obviously this was the first college playoffs and stuff.

“But, at the same time, there’s was a lot of people who probably wouldn’t have heard of our band who have heard of it,” he continued. “Hopefully we didn’t annoy you too badly!”

Fine, we’ll forgive you, Fall Out Boy. But we WILL remember this. For centuries. And centuries, And centuries. Because that’s how long it’ll take us to get that dang song out of our craniums.

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