A Comprehensive Timeline Of Meek Mill And Wale's Family Feud

Here's how it all went down.

This week, there was a metaphorical fire at the MMG castle.

You might think that's a wild analogy (and maybe it is, a little) but it was huge news when Meek Mill and his label mate Wale went back-and-forth on radio and social media. Mean words were exchanged and dirty laundry was aired. But this saga actually dates back to last year so we made a timeline to show the full scope of this friendship and feud.

We'll start back in July 2014, which is when we first saw signs of bad blood (no Taylor Swift).

Meek Mill Attacks Wale On Twitter (July 2014)



Everyone thought Meek and Wale were homies. They both repped MMG and collaborated on a ton of bangers (like "By Any Means," "Ambition" and so on). But out of nowhere, Mill accused Folarin of being a hater because he didn't tweet about his album (which is a serious offense to Mill who called Drake out for the same thing this year).

Wale just ain't gone tweet a thing about my album.... He's been hating on me long time now ...don't even text me cornball! #UNOTMMG

— Meek Mill (@MeekMill) July 8, 2014

Wale Responds With A Super Lengthy IG Caption (July 2014)



Wale took about three hours to respond to Meek's Twitter assault. He wrote a pretty long caption on Instagram where he said he supports Mill but doesn't get that same support in return. He acknowledged that he's sensitive and "maybe bi-polar" and for one reason or another, he also talked about a few things that he likes: WWE, collecting shoes and writing poetry. He then called it a post about nothing.

Rick Ross Announces Peace Treaty (July 2014)



The world wasn't sure how this whole thing would shake out, but Rick Ross, always a boss, assured us that things were kosher. "As soon as the tweets went out, I spoke to both them on the phone," Rozay told Bullet. "Those two guys, they're brothers...It's all love between those two and everybody knows that." Everybody actually didn't know that for sure, but Ricky's quote was fantastic news for MMG fans anyway. If only it ended here...

Wale Revisits The Feud (June 2015)

Nearly a year after their argument, Wale revisited the beef. “We went through a little rough patch or whatever but that’s family," he told us. "We’re just a brotherhood. We’re both competitive. We both want to be the best." This also provided optimism, but it wouldn't last too long.

Wale Discusses Meek's Drake Beef (Oct. 2015)

Oh, man. This is where things reignited. During an interview with "The Breakfast Club," Wale was asked about Meek's Drake beef. He said he felt like Mill brought a "pencil to a gun fight" and that he tried to "paper cut him to death." That sounds very painful, honestly, but I suppose you don't want to bring a paper or a pencil to a gun fight. In any case, Wale also added that he tried calling Meek to no avail since the Drizzy feud began. If you heard this and thought, "Meek's gonna be super mad when he hears this," you were right.

Meek Mill Insults Wale On Instagram (Oct. 2015)



Hours after Wale's interview hit the airwaves, Meek fired off a lengthy Insta caption where he called Folarin a bunch of things you probably don't want to be called. Here's a brief list of his insults: miserable, broke, jealous, a clown, a nuttttt (with all five Ts) and not MMG. He also encouraged him to jump off a roof (which is definitely not advisable).

Wale Responds On Twitter (Oct. 2015)



Soon after Meek's since-deleted IG post landed, Wale hit Twitter with some sarcastic AF replies. He said he was looking for a roof (which is, again, not advisable at all) and that he was listening to Aloe Blacc's infectious "I Need A Dollar." Both were seen as obvious references to Meek's caption. He's since celebrated his label by posting a pic of his MMG tat with the following caption: "We here permanently."

-#nowplaying "I need a dollar" by @aloeblacc

— Young Olu the Genius (@Wale) October 21, 2015

Rick Ross Announces Peace Treaty Pt. II (Oct. 2015)



Even though Meek Mill has said that Wale is no longer MMG twice during this beef, Rick Ross assured fans (yet again) that things are kosher. “Just got a few calls with n---as asking me about my little brothers, the squad,” Rozay said in a Snap vid. “It’s MMG forever, n---a. The empire. F--k that." This is fantastic news for MMG fans (again), to be sure. But still, you now have to wonder if it'll end there...

At least one good thing has come from this. After this feud started heating up, talks about Self Made 4 started popping as well, so it at least seems like we'll be getting more music from MMG soon.

What do you think of this family feud? Do you think it'll end there or are we just seeing early stages of a bigger dispute? Let us know in the comments.

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